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Bring The Heat: Your Guide to Reliable Heating

It’s that time of year. Leaves are changing, the weather is dropping, and reliable heating is becoming more important. No one wants to experience a breakdown in the dead of winter, and they definitely don’t want some rooms in their house to be freezing while others are too hot to bear. Thankfully, Infinity Heating and Air Conditioning has you covered. We’ve come up with a guide to reliable heating so that you can make sure your home is the perfect temperature during the cooler weather. If you have any additional questions about how to keep your house warm, don’t hesitate to call 901-837-7960.

The First Step: Know Your Heating System Options

When thinking about the best way to heat your home, there are two options you can choose from: a furnace or a heat pump. Both have the same effect – they heat your home – but they function differently. A furnace is designed like a powerful electric space heater. It uses gas or electricity to push heat into the home. A heat pump, however, it pulls heat from the air outside (even if the air outside is cold) and uses a fan system to distribute that air in the home.

The Big Question: Should I Choose a Furnace or Heat Pump?

Now that we know our options for heating a house, it’s time to decide which heating system is best for your home. Furnaces are known for their ability to keep a house warm, no matter how cold the temperature is outside. Heating pumps struggle to keep up in frigid temperatures, but they are more cost-effective and energy-efficient for areas that tend to experience mild winters. If you’re not sure which heating system is best for your home, talk to one of our furnace and heat pump technicians. They can give you the advice you need to decide which unit is right for you.

The Next Step: Installing Your Heating System

The hard part is over – you’ve chosen a heating system for your home. Now, it’s time to install the heating unit and enjoy the cozy benefits. This is where Infinity HVAC comes in. Our HVAC contractors are licensed, bonded and insured to install any heating and air unit. When you call Infinity HVAC, our heating and cooling company will provide free estimates, in-home evaluations, and financing options – all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don’t worry about the installation – our HVAC company has you covered.

The Last Phase: Calling Your Heat Contractor

When you’re ready to get your home winter-ready, call Infinity HVAC. Our Trane-authorized, Nate-certified, heat contractors know what it takes to keep your heating unit running efficiently and home cozy for the cool season. Call 901-837-7960 today or request a free estimate online! Already have a heating unit? Learn more about routine maintenance and heating repair in Millington, TN to keep your unit in tip-top shape!